Arthur Obi Okafor SAN Harps on Need For Continuous Training for Investigators and Prosecutors

Arthur Obi Okafor SAN

The Chairman of Administration of Criminal Justice and Law Reform Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Chief Arthur Obi Okafor SAN, has called on government at the federal and state levels to accord training of those charged with investigation of serious crimes such as sexual offences, kidnapping and ritual murders.

The chairman was speaking as a distinguished discussant, at Akure during the Ondo State Chief Judge’s Annual Seminar for 2017. The Learned Silk said that the issue of training and retraining for such cadre of officials of government, cannot be overemphasized. He highlighted the many high profile cases the states have lost as a result of shoddy police investigations, which often leads to ineffective prosecution by the prosecutors.

He said that it was worrisome that major crimes like murder, kidnapping and sexual offenses get so badly investigated and prosecuted that the society is left at very high risk of criminals routinely being allowed back into the communities to perpetrate their evil acts.

Chief Okafor noted that unless proper and regular training is given to those involved in investigations , they may not understand the ingredients of the offences constituting the crimes, without which proper investigations and successful prosecutions, would continue to be a mirage.

“There must be an existing synergy between those who prosecute and those who investigate. They must often come together, exchange information and share opinions in workshop and seminar. That way, the investigators would know what area to pay attention in their investigations so as to enhance and aid prosecutors in the job of successful prosecution of criminal cases”, he said.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria, noted that all those involved in the dispensation of criminal justice administration, must of necessity ensure that they collaborate, share resources and information for effective and speedy trial of criminal cases, which would in turn help decongest the nation’s prisons.


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