Board Appointments: PDP youth in Akwa Ibom state angry over exclusion from list

...Recycling Lagos returnees, ex commissioners counter productive - Aggrieved PDP Youths


Some youths of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State have criticized Governor Udom Emmanuel for reappointing former Commissioners and Council chairmen as members of some newly reconstituted boards, a move that has relegated and deemed the hope of some youths being appointed into leadership positions.


Speaking to our reporter on condition of anonymity, some aggrieved youths said they felt betrayed that their hope of being given leadership role in the government has been undermined. They were speaking against the background of the reappointment of former Commissioners of Transport and????,  Mr Godwin Ntukudeh and Prince Uwem Ita Etuk respectively.


Moments after the appointment was announced by the Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government, Mr Etekamba Umoren, the social media was awashed with criticisms as many commentators including the Governor’s loyalists faulted inclusion of some nominees who they felt have outlived their usefulness to the state and should have been eased out of government to create room for injection of fresh blood into the system.


“At first it was bringing Lagosians to take over jobs, now former Commissioners. So when will there be opportunities for the youths of the State? So no room for raising new talents and providing opportunities for residents of the State?In other words, there is no motivation for local politicians to work to return this administration in 2019”, said an angry youth from Uruan LGA who pleaded anonymity.




Also speaking, an ally of Governor Emmanuel, Ikpafak Thompson Essien said though he will continue to support the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel, his fear remains that as long as the Governor continues to recycle dead woods, such as Godwin Ntuhudeh and Uwem Ita Etuk, the state will continue to crawl rather than begin to run.


“These dead woods have been at the  center of Akwa Ibom politics since 2007. During this time period, Akwa Ibom deteriorated from a once peaceful place to a stage of fear where kidnappings, assassinations, murder, armed robbery, and rape were daily occurrences”.


“Someone like Godwin Ntuhude has no reason to be in the corridor of power. The man is a stalk illiterate, socially unfit to lead any community, and when he talks, he is so loud and irrational to a point where one may think he might have come out of a mental hospital. What can a person like Ntuhude offer Akwa Ibom State that a vibrant young, able, and able young man or woman cannot?, he declared.


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