By Mathias Essien

CP Don Awunah

The society tectonically putting up individuals with exclusive cognition emphatically makes prepositions that could help demystify conditioning which may have been construed, inscrutable or arcaned.
This bear a hand to identify problems and as well plan a means for altering the situation,observe and explain relationship better, understand happenings in environments and explains how human behaviour or performance is organized.
However, clumps of security development has shown that incongruous behaviour or cognitive dissonance is one inevitable corollary as far as all forms of security is concern thus the need to spawn construction or strategy suitable enough to keep tabs or possibly restraint the trend of behavioural intemperance.
Hard -hand- fast,Arnold Wolfers argues that security is generally a normative term. It is applied in nations in order to be either expedient-a rational means towards an accepted end or moral, the best or least evil course of action. In the same way the people are different in sensing and identifying danger and threats.
Nevertheless,the thoroughly bred cop and the Akwa Ibom Commissioner of police, Don Awunah’s security approach is indeed holistic as prescribed by international security bodies. Through the surveillance structure, Operation Impact’,a crime reduction strategy which has relatively reduce the level of crime in the state thereby scoring the state low on national crime check list.
The public relation guru has built a strong security block by deepening collaboration with stakeholders and sister security agencies through familiarization tours and various diplomatic engagements.’it is critical to partner relevant stakeholders in our committed fight to stamp out criminal elements inimical to social production, growth and development of Akwa Ibom State’Awunah.
The interdependence has important implications for policymaking as it implies that human insecurities cannot be tackled in isolation through fragmented standalone responses. Instead human security involves comprehensive approaches that stress the need for cooperative and multi sectoral responses that bring together the agenda of those with security, and human right.
For effective policing, Awunah has Sectorized the state,local government divisions and communities,adopt four basic security principles namely:preventive techniques, response rate,detective rate and clearance rate.


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