Eseme Eyiboh: My A’Ibom Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation Commission Testimony -By Hon Parchi Umoh

Hon Eseme Eyiboh

I got the news of the appointment of Hon Eseme Sunday Eyiboh in the national media. I was very elated. Then came subsequent inauguration of the Board at the NUC Auditorium, Abuja.

I didn’t need anyone to invite me to attend but that inner compulsion and nostalgia that would also have driven any of the three erstwhile members (2003- 2005) of the Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation Commission (EARCOM), Akwa Ibom State to go and witness the new leadership page of their erstwhile EARCOM Executive Chairman.

That Commission, as its name suggests, was set up by the Great Einstein of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency, Arc (Obong) Victor Attah, with principal function of re-moulding/rebranding the psyche and world- view of the average Akwa Ibom person towards the economic, social and political restructuring of the State and Citizenship responsibilities.

It was to instill in the people’s mentality the big picture of a development masterplan of Akwa Ibom State (AKS).

Over the few years of its existence, the Commission apparently had lost focus of its mandate by past leadership of the institution to the chagrin, nay disappointment, of its founder, then Governor Attah.

Then came the new firebrand management, headed by the man with the touch of the legendary Midas.

His crown is fully adorned with the golden hair (some people mistake it for grey). I’m told that in Ireland, people born with that hair colour are given the pride of place in any gathering of note.

Hon Eseme S. Eyiboh came on board like he was the destined Chairman of the Commission. Lady Valerie Ebe; Parchi Umoh and, Rev (Dr) Ekom Robert were then Commissioners appointed to work with him.

Within few months, the hitherto comatose EARCOM, assumed an “uncommon” prominence, vitality and vibrancy.

Akwa Ibom people in their communities, churches, offices, social- cultural gatherings, etc were served sufficient and commensurate doses of and doctrines of development templates newly designed and designated by the Eyibio-led EARCOM.

Into the work ethic of the now revived Commission, Eyibo imported the goal- oriented patterns of the private sector (where he came from) and injected a unique motivational drive to get things working. The typical tool of the civil service attitude to work was completely jettisoned.


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