Inoyo Toro Foundation donates books to Communication Arts Department of the University of Uyo


The Inoyo Toro Foundation has donated books to the Departments of Communication Arts, University of Uyo to support educational development in the Institution.

Dr. Udeme Nana (Founder, Uyo Book Club) who donated the books on-behalf of the Foundation said that it was expedient to have educational materials in our tertiary institutions to awaken the consciousness of reading amongst students especially in the Department of Communication Arts adding that communication Arts students must be more knowledgeable than others.

Dr. Nana stressed that the reading culture in Nigeria is poor therefore informing the decision of the Foundation to get students back to reading hard copies of books. He further explained that there was a great difference between flipping through the social media and sitting down to read a hard copy. Dr. Nana stressed that it takes mental discipline and organisation to read large volumes of books.

The Head of Department, Prof. Nsikan Nkana thanked the Foundation and Mr Udom Inoyo for remembering the Department through Dr. Udeme Nana, a Scholar who is also an Alumnus of the Department. Prof. Nkana expressed joy over the donation to the Department saying that it was very rare to witness such gestures.

He further stated that students of the Department would find the books useful for themselves and to the benefit of mankind.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Joseph Ushie, said that the donation was highly welcome thanking the Inoyo Toro Foundation and Founder of Uyo Book Club for remembering the Department where he earned two postgraduate degrees.
Also speaking , a senior Lecturer in the Department, Prof. Ashong Ashong commended Dr. Nana for facilitating the donation and urged other alumni to learn from that example observing that if the Department had 20 former graduates who acted like Dr Nana in supporting the Department, that it would be a question of where to keep such donations.

Prof. Ushie said that the poor reading culture is a global thing but more emphasised here in Nigeria. He decried the situation where people in Nigeria no longer patronised bookshops or visit libraries.

Books donated by the Inoyo Toro Foundation to the Department of Communication Arts included The Village Boy and Audacious Journalism authored by Mr. Anietie Usen , an ex Newswatch award winning Journalist.

Present at the donation were Lecturers from the Department of Communication Arts, University of Uyo.


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