Lagos-based Lawyer Vows to Mobilise Protest Against Udom’s N9b Governor’s Lodge in Lagos




    The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly has approved the sum of N9.1 billion in the recently passed 2017 Supplementary Budget for the construction of a new/second “lodge” or “laison office” in Lagos State for the State as requested by governor Udom Emmanuel.

    It is utterly ridiculous and unacceptable for a State government to conceive such an irrational project, let alone appropriate public funds for it, despite the financial challenges facing states which calls for prudence in the management of resources. This is a slap on every decent Akwa Ibom person.

    Except Mr Udom Emmanuel can point at the location of Lagos State Governor’s Lodge in Akwa Ibom State, his plan will not be tolerated.

    Since the administrative functions of a State government is constitutionally circumscribed to its geographical location, there is no sensible reason why Nigerian governors should be building their official residences outside their States. This is the worst form of capital flight.

    The argument that such “laison office” or lodge aids investment drive is not plausible. Which right thinking investor will leave where he or she intends to invest funds for a strange land, in order to negotiate terms? It does not make sense. Anyone who believes that it makes sense should present evidence of the industries that have been brought to the state because of same.

    Lagos is a State, just like Akwa Ibom. It is only sovereign states (nations) that maintain diplomatic buildings, embassies and missions abroad.

    Is it not strange that the same governor Udom Emmanuel who has been advocating for Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited to relocate from Lagos to their operational base in Akwa Ibom is now seeking to build a second official residence in Lagos, outside his own operational base?.

    If the governor is so bereft of developmental ideas, rather than build a second Akwa Ibom laison office in Lagos, he can use the state’s funds to rehabilitate all the lunatics roaming the streets of Akwa Ibom.

    Here is a governor who boasted publicly about his attainment of a Business School; a man who was handpicked from the banking sector to lead. Today, no one is left in doubt about the futility of his much touted credentials. What has Akwa Ibom gained from the governor’s so-called banking experience?

    After building a palatial mansion for himself within the first six months of his pathetic administration, Udom Emmanuel is now on a mission to build a second lodge in Lagos.

    It is shameful that we do not have a vigilant and independent House of Assembly in Akwa Ibom State that knows its functions. The House members, including the Speaker, should ALL cover their heads in shame. They are all a total disgrace. They are not useful. Shame on them.

    In response to this indefensible proposal aimed at stealing and dissipating public funds, there will be a protest in Lagos against the crazy decision by governor Udom Emmanuel to build a second Akwa Ibom State “governor’s lodge” or “laison office” or whatever it is termed with a whopping sum of N9.1 billion.

    I vow to mobilise Akwa Ibom people in Lagos State to resist this crazy project. As a State, Akwa Ibom does not need any governor’s lodge outside the State. Not even in the Federal Capital Territory.

    The date of the protest will be communicated in due course. Akwa Ibom people in Lagos that will like to participate in the upcoming protest should be prepared.


    Inibehe Effiong


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