Late Andrew

© Joseph Atainyang,
27/12/2018/ 5:45 am

A great colleague
A fine gentleman
Calm and steady
Easy going
Nice and cultured
Slow in speech
Brave and focused
Oh, Andrew Obot!

We met at the Polytechnic
Precisely 2008
You weren’t my mate
I never saw you in class
But I knew you
Perhaps, about moving out
Or just being around
We crossed, we merged
Intellectual intercourse
Yet, it was rewarding
We did it again
I marked you GREAT!

You spoke Queen’s English
Brushed in concord
Severed in syntax
And guided with semantics
Very clean and organized in your speech
Andrew was a star, breaking from the dark

Your poems are deep
Your stories are awful
Your scripts are terse
Although so young at age
You carried an old HEAD

Our field is wide
But the spikes are scattered
They prick our knowledge seat
They scorn our sense of balance
They throw us overboard
We stagger a while, but see the line
When nature calls and frowns
We wave, and ask for time!

Like Jesus keeps shedding tears of blood
Begging the father for a moment more
We still linger in the field
Perhaps for what we do not know
Ours was a stroke so sharp
Different and having its path
But lo, the hard times of life
It takes us miles apart our glorious fame!

They said you met your end so badly
Crushed by this rowdy Mobil Casket
Flying up and down with its corpses
But taking life in place of life

Safe journey, Oh a friend indeed
Take the message to the master there
Tell him we here sniff from the snuff
Tell him corrosion breaks the rules
And we do hope recovering soon
We will be willing to spill the ink
The pipe is safe and chemicals brimmed
We hope we’re spared to hit the mark

Take the message home, my worthy friend
Tell the Heavens we’re heavy
Tell the Angels we’re sorry
Tell the Saviour the Blood still counts
Tell the spirit we’re willing
God should link our souls with a blink.


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