Maritime Academy Oron: A Response to Incendiary Incitements by Mischief Makers Against Constituted Authorities. By Raymond Uwe

MAN Oron

Joseph Atainyang again? As if by a curse, he always lacks the shame and wisdom in offering himself as a pitiable hireling to those who, beyond their selfish interests, never really thought well about him in the real sense of the word. But, because he has always been a captive in their whims and caprices, they have had no option than having him burn his fingers in the flames of their sadistic pleasures. The Devil indeed has dirty jobs for empty minds and vagabonds.

We have come across a Facebook post by one Joseph Atainyang with the title: “Arrest of Six Staff By MAN Oron’s Rector, the Real Story…How Duja Effedua Begins in ‘Reign of Terror, Conspiracy”. Although Atainyang certainly must have fanned and congratulated himself at the end of the futile exercise, I can bet that he did not get more than two packets of peanuts for that cock and bull story he fabricated mainly to gratify his pay-masters, but in which he most insolently mentioned the highly respectable name of the Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Commodore Duja Effedua and incited the gullible against the polity on issues he cannot explain.

Each time it happens like this, because the world already knows their copyright patterns, it gives not the slightest stress to trace the sources and sponsors of such misadventure both within the Academy and in Lagos. It is however shocking that it never bothered Ataiyang that none of these crafty mercenaries would stand with him to the end if and when his cooked lies eventually boomerang, even as his recent article soon will. The facts therefore become instructively clear: It is people like Atainyang and his ungrateful, unrepentant and mischievously sadistic benefactors who have never been comfortable with positive developments in the Academy because of their clannish and retrogressive interests; and by so doing they have foolishly robbed themselves of the fresh breathe of change that is now blowing in the 40-year old institution. It also points to the fact that until fingerlings like Atainyang were held answerable for their nuisance or be treated as a scapegoat, he unlikely shall ever caution himself against the avoidable. That may happen soonest, I dare say, to convince Atainyang that he is all alone and no amount of denials, cosmetic regrets and belated confessions will be sufficient to dissuade the law from taking its full course.

It was really not only the barrage of peddled lies that Atainyang presented but the highly inflammatory or incendiary reactions by readers of that article that drew my attention, considering the prevailing peace and developments in the Academy that already have won commendations. Two of the many comments on Atainyang’s post demand urgent response by appropriate authorities to prevent the possible. Matthew Ekpo commented “Am afraid, the Rector does not even know where he is. Make his head dey hot first, the end is at the corner”. From Victor Job, came another missile: “He is not the first person. Then the end shall tell”. It is now left for Intelligence Agencies to scrutinize these utterances and establish their semantic implications to the heated subject of Hate Speech and character assassination.

Even as it stands, It Is still within the realm of expediency to spare a moment to carefully dissect Atainyang’s figment of imagination and preposterous proclamations against the self-evident and commendable transformation the Academy is witnessing with the focused drive of the no nonsense Rector, Commodore Duja Effedua. First, by the title to his bland prose, Atainyang claims that he knows “the real story”, but he sooner wastefully ended up without an iota of a convincing story, except what was dictated to him by his frustrated scoundrels. Categorically, in real matters of seriousness and occasions of necessity, who would be Joseph Atainyang to dare to tell the exact story of Maritime Academy of Nigeria with a mind that has since been polluted with toxic falsehood?

Secondly, I have gone through the article to realize that the unfortunate paid writer who has been used by some dubious senior indigenous staff of the Academy can rightly be described as a stillbirth, a mistletoe that must depend on others to survive irrespective of the means. Hear his ranting: “This reporter has it in(sic) good authority that the rector is bent on ‘executing’ the ‘mapped policies’ of the IMC which just left the academy after spending six months, ‘breaking laws’ and ‘drafting perditious(sic) principles’…” This is medicine after death and needless lamentation of cowards who had gone into hiding in Oron deep waters throughout the period the Interim Management Committee was in the Academy to clean up the accumulated repulsive mess that the immediate past administration had thrown the Academy into. Where was their will power to challenge the “mapped policies” of the IMC when it was around or made a delegation to the Federal Government to seek for a change in modalities? If to Atainyang, Federal Government’s efforts at cleansing the quagmire the Academy was in means “breaking laws”, then his Reason must be on exile and he must be bundled up to the nearest psychiatric hospital.

Thirdly, Joseph Atainyang wobbled and summersaulted to a point he foamed in the mouth like a drowning man when he said that, “the Rector is determined to bring down the institution”. The question which Atainyang must be forced to answer conscientiously in this regards is: Where and how was the Academy before the intervention of the IMC and the arrival of Commodore Effedua? To what extent could Atainyang’s impenitent and shameless pay-masters pretend about the condonable rot that had characterized the Academy over the years, considerable percentage of which they themselves were the principal suspects though they were used to walking about with white gowns of innocence and cloak of righteousness?

In further propagating his atrocities, Atainyang also blabbed: “The source maintained that Effedua was beginning a reign of terror in the Academy as he (rector) was neck-deep in the conspiracy of meeting the demands of the hands who sent him there”. Who then should have been sent that would have pleased Atainyang and co? Who was ever sent in the last twenty years of the Academy’s history that Atainyang and co-ingrates ever received with open arms and cooperated with without this same retrogressive and primitive attitude that they are manifesting presently? That their dreams for a grossly incapable and tribalistic Oro man to occupy the position of the Rector had collapsed, must be no reason why no other person must be seen as competent.

The fact remains that on the matter of arrest of six staff of the Academy, Atainyang carried out no investigation but simply read the quaking lips of his sponsors. Yet he would express such cowardly disposition in saying that “Concrete evidence shows that the rector himself had instructed the Divisional Crime Officer never to release the arrested staff….” Were Atainyang a journalist not a known and closely watched nuisance to the noble profession, he would have known that there is what is called ‘balance’ in a typical journalistic reportage. The commonplace alibi of “according to a source” smacks of high level quackery, incompetence and conspiracy to blackmail in the old order of things. If Atainyang was that convinced or ready to inform the gullible public, why didn’t he speak to others across the divide to strengthen his report? This is the kind of quacks that must be hurriedly faced out before they set the world ablaze with their eccentric extremities.

Again, how much knowledge does Atainyang have of the Federal Character Principle and its application in the Maritime Academy of Nigeria? If he knew that much and is so sure and bold to speak, let him come up with a comprehensive staff ratio and statistics of employment of Oron indigenes in the Academy in comparison to the basic guidelines. The truth is that Atainyang merely writes to survive from an insignificant segment of the society and never to inform as duty would have demanded. Why must Atainyang be so naïve, blind and deaf to have heard that the about 30 staff recently engaged by Commodore Effedua’a led administration are all from the host community?

As if the mess was not enough, on the matter of the six staff who were reportedly arrested, the same self-acclaimed journalist carelessly wrote: “The said documents were said to have been printed directly from the office laptop, which meant it was just to show the rector that the exercise was genuine, as files could not be immediately checked through”. To say the least, the source of this particular distorted information to Atainyang bears the signature of an old and well known mischief-maker-in-chief in the Academy whose evil ways had since sent him out of Oron where he had buried his poisonous roots for years. The truth remains that some staff criminally forged official documents and could not have escaped the long arm of the law in a regimented institution like the Maritime Academy ably steered by a tested disciplinarian with marine inclined demeanor.

Moreover, in vaingloriously trying to undermine the efforts of the IMC, Atainyang the wandering quack-journalist, also wrote “Done with the restructuring mission which witnessed criticisms and unending protest…” The question is which protests other than the ones sponsored by Atainyang’s behind-the-curtain benefactors had trailed the IMC’s effort? Using innuendoes and other schemes, unscrupulous persons within and outside the Academy has tried all within their fast decimating powers to rubbish the lofty effort of the IMC, just to pander public feelings. Apart from these melodramas and theatre of absurdities orchestrated in and by a few misinformed and misguided Oro persons, where else did the protest take place and with what impact on public conscience?

The ultimate summation that could be drawn from Joseph Atainyang’s recent ill-fated social media about developments in Maritime Academy of Nigeria, which as usual, must by now have been copied and pasted by some print media outfits, is that he is deliberately and aggressively inciting the masses against President Muhammadu Buhari, the person of Commodore Duja Effedua and the Academy community in entirety. So will he go unpunished?

The last word: When Atainyang’s faceless sponsors run out of the remaining sleaze they scooped from the Academy in the free days of racketeering, and the die is cast, he may realize too late that he was all alone in the fruitless and dangerous acts of blackmail.

Raymond Uwe a Public Affairs Analyst writes from the Host Community of MAN, Oron


  1. Why would he allow himself to be used by non future ambition people. the Atainyang that I used to know . better desist from this act .


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