PDP Chieftains in Mbo Cry Foul

*Questions Party's Reward System, Arm-Twisting


Chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Mbo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State have raised alarm over what they jointly described as foul play, arm-twisting and poor reward system by the State leadership of the party, latest investigations have revealed.

Citing the case of one of their outstanding , committed and patriotic members, Mr. Mfon Henry, whom they said has given all to the growth and sustenance of PDP in Mbo yet with nothing to show, the stakeholders pleaded with the Governor of the State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, to look critically and urgently into the grievances to avoid potential cracks which might prove costly to the party.

Mulling the idea of possible boycott of subsequent party assignments and duties if nothing conciliatory was done by those concerned, findings traced the root of the problem to the hanky-panky manner wielders of power in Mbo have handled issues. This, according to one source who pleaded anonymity, has resulted in breach of agreements, deprivation of due privileges to qualified members and growing general discontent.

Digging deeper into the history of Mfon Henry’s misfortune in particular, it was gathered that, rising from a Congress the chieftains held in March 2020 and subsequent intervention by the Governor at an interactive session they had in the Government House on March 23, 2020, the Governor had advised that Mfon Henry withdraw his interest in becoming the PDP State Officer
representing Mbo, in replacement for another person who is currently enjoying that office which Mfon Henry honoured the decision of the Stakeholders.

A source hinted that one of the agreements that resulted in Mfon Henry’s concession to the Governor’s advice and prompt withdrawal was that he will be rewarded with other commensurate appointments or worthy engagements, perhaps Board membership. But that, according to a source very close to the leadership, never happened.

“Yet, down at the Mbo Chapter of the party, Mr. Mfon Henry has been made to undergo all manner of open mockery, innuendoes and unconscionable deprivation in even little things that ordinarily should go to him without excuses. This arm-twisting, dishonesty and rough show of power by Mbo Stakeholders is not good for the party and its image. It can cause serious cracks and implosion if not checked”, it was observed.

Speaking further, the angry stakeholders maintained that although they trust the Governor and will continue to support him and the PDP, his redeeming his promises to Mr Mfon Henry shall be added boost to their loyalty and solidarity. They however observed that it was necessary the reward system of the party be reviewed and made faster to avoid giving wrong impressions.

Referencing a letter of Mbo PDP Stakeholders, addressed to the Governor, entitled” RE: MBO PDP CONGRESS 2020: A THANK YOU MESSAGE”,dated 5th June 2020, signed by Rt. Hon. Nse Ekpenyong, Member representing Oron Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Rt. Hon. Asukwo Eyo, Executive Chairman of Mbo Local Government Area, Rt. Hon. Alice Ekpenyong(Community Leader) Crown Prince Chris Abasi Eyo(Coordinator), Bishop Etim Ante( Community Leader and Publicity Secretary of PDP, South South and President General of Oron Union, one of the paragraphs reads.” Your Excellency, in the course of the interaction during the said meeting,you did appeal to one of us,Mr. Mfon Henry to withdraw from his interest from being PDP State Officer,representing Mbo Local Government Area in replacement. Your Excellency promised to have the said Mr. Mfon Henry fixed a good Board.Sir, this is humbly to serve as a reminder to that effect”.

Specifically thanking Governor Emmanuel for his lofty strides in the last six years and special interest for Mbo people, the successful launch of the Peace Maintenance Movement, the Mbo stakeholders advised that it was necessary nothing be taken for granted in the overall interest of all as they move forward.


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