Senator Etang Umoyo on Political Life Support – Hon Eseme Eyiboh


A former Spokesman of the House of Representatives, Hon Eseme Eyiboh, has described the recent media attack directed at him by Senator Etang Umoyo, as coming from a man on a political life support.

Reacting to a media report, where Senator Umoyo had cast aspersions on the former House of Representatives member, Hon Eyiboh said that Umoyo was not a man to be taken seriously, adding that the comment was not only ill conceived but one borne out of “his present state of stupor”.

Hon Eyiboh noted that Umoyo’s attempt at disparaging and assailing his character had failed, as his (Hon Eyiboh) networth has continued on the upward swing.

“The comments and its promotion are intended though unsuccessfully to disparage and lower my soaring high networth investment in the national political arena,” Eyiboh said.

The former House of Representatives Spokesman, stated that on account of being an elder in age only, Senator Umoyo ought to be more circumspect with his rants, but regretted that his itinerant drummer boy’s utterances fall short of expectation of a beneficiary of globalisation.


Hon Eyiboh said, “Senator Etang Umoyo is an elder on account of age only, and he is a discount to his peers and generation, bequeathing only to his later generation the legacy of a lifestyle modeled in leeching.”

Eyiboh maintained that Umoyo’s “effort at wanting to use my positive public profile to draw public oxygen for a relief in his present political life support is fatal and and unproductive”, maintaning that, “For the records, Senator Etang Umoyo is a man not given to any political ethical standards, but a political rabble rouser of monstrous proportion.” He argued that Umoyo, “shall ever bear his common  trade mark of self pity even as he undertakes this last stanza of his ebbing political career.”

Hon Eyiboh maintained that he has no further intention of dignifying Umoyo’s diatribes with any responses.

” I shall never react any further to his itinerant grandstanding, usually steeped in hate, dripped in envy and cladded in clannish veil,” he concluded.

Hon Eseme Eyiboh, erstwhile Member and Spokesperson of the house of representatives; erstwhile Speaker of WAIFEM Anglophone Regional forum of Parliamentarians; is currently Chairman, Cross River Basin Development Authority and Dean committee of Chairmen of River Basin Authorities in Nigeria


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