Veneration of ‘The Last Good Man’


The first man who ever lived on earth, Adam was a good man. As it is today in this open field of human habitation, billions are now roaming the face of the earth. As it was in God’s creation custom, all things were beautiful at creation. And so, Mr Adam could pass for the first good man, even though he stumbled and had a ‘fortunate fall’, as John Milton would compel us to believe.

From creation to the stretching history of human existence, there were good men. Just as there were bad men, the ugly ones also lived and still do, even though Buchi Emecheta remains emphatic that “a man is never ugly.”

Good men in the context of appealing physical frames, would continue to live amongst us. It was this form of goodness that made it possible for Mr Absalom to gain his public description as a beautiful man, even though his character traits would become a perfect contradiction.

Men of good character who have values and high morals are those with the mark of goodness. Their reputations and rectitude would stand them out in all things. They’re known for principles and integrity that stand the test of time. They’re no wool or light objects freely swayed by the winds of strange happenstances. They have their decisions and could be predicted for consistency, especially in standing for what is just.

Sir Chief Asuquo Inuikim Obon KJW, JP is a fitted man to this class of goodness. A consummate administrator. He hails from Osuk-Ukang Ebughu in Afaha Ebughu Clan, Mbo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.

He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA), Masters Degree in Transportation Management (MTM) and Higher National Diploma (Upper Credit) in Civil Engineering. Inuikim is a recipient of an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Management (Honoris Causa) from St Louis African University, Benin Republic.

The Jerusalem Pilgrim is a visionary and, gifted in the areas not only engineering but leadership, human organization and development, and an expert in conflict resolution. His courage and, far sightedness saw him clinching the post of NNPC Group Secretary of Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN). During his tenure, he engineered and contributed to a book publication titled: Energy Crisis in Nigeria: Causes, Effects and Solutions. His outstanding disposition and exemplary contributions towards the Advancement of Trade Unionism in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Sector, Church and Community development, have earned him various excellence Awards.

Chief Inuikim is a Fellow and Member of many Professional bodies in Nigeria and abroad. Currently a Member of the Oron Union’s Board of Trustees (BOT), an apex decision making body of the Union founded in 1925, he holds a Chieftaincy title of Akpaha-Òrò (Pillar of Òròn Nation), the second highest traditional title in his homeland. Sir Inuikim is a Christian with the highest title: Knight of John Wesley (KJW), in Methodist Church, Nigeria. He is Happily Married to Lady Edak Asuquo Inuikim with lovely children.

As an emeritus President-General of Oron Union, Sir Asuquo Inuikim Obon remains the Pillar of the Union. While some may withdraw interest from the parent Union, Chief Inuikim is one man without an iota of segregation. He is a silent man whose record speaks volume of what men could achieve behind the scene. A supporter of the Union, Sir Asuquo Inuikim, himself a part and parcel of all leadership strata of the land, lends his hands for the progress of the nation in all ramifications.

Studies in Literature did not allow me time to pass through the University without having a fair share of the drooling story of ‘The Last Good Man’. A text written by Patience Swift, the story is woven around Sam, whose personal character contradicts the rot in his society. An example of a central character in Sir Thomas Moore’s Eutopia, Sam who remains steadfast in the face of conflicting difficulties in character blends in his society, examplifies the mental configuration of Sir Asuquo Inuikim Obon. Sam in the text is a kind-hearted man, compassionate to a fault, even though his goodness means nothing to those around him.

Recall that Chief Asuquo Inuikim Obon is a man of many parts. He blends into all shapes of human person, and freely interacts across board, without descrimination. As today marks his date of birth, a slow and steady rumination leads this writer into a distinct realm. The realm opens the phase of surrealism, breaking through the ‘phantoms’ of his goodness. It opens my trunk of thoughtful reflection, permeating the membrane of his goodness. This becomes the source of this veneration, anchoring on the goodness of Sir Chief Dr Asuquo Inuikim Obon KJW.

Happy Birthday to you My Daddy!

Joseph Atainyang is an adopted son, servant, aide and personal friend of Sir Asuquo Inuikim Obon KJW, JP, Akpaha Òrò


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