When Next Oro Matches Towards the Polls


What more is needed to validate their seriousness and patriotism? The Ekid people, comprising those of Eket and Esit Eket Local Government Areas, have demonstrated absolute seriousness in their resolve to confronting their oppressors and adversaries.

The President-General of Ekid People’s Union, Dr Samuel Udonsak; together with his national executive council members, matched the streets yesterday, protesting the claim by the Akwa Ibom State Government, currently led by Mr Udom Emmanuel and Ibeno Local Government, that they own the Stubb Creeks, Okoiyak, an oil-loaded community in the state.

President-General of Ekid People’s Union, Dr Samuel Udonsak, together with his executive members and youths matching in Eket on Tuesday.

If it were in Oron, my place of birth (of course, I am a proud and patriotic son of the land and shall remain till eternity), some people would have come out to thwart, frustrate and stop such a just course.

I have always told whoever cares to listen that representation or community service, is never a forced job. If people declare their interests in serving the community and even spend a lot of money, lobbying and fighting their ways through, what on earth should then stop them from rising to the occasion, when there are issues to be addressed.

It is painful that today in Oro, we lack genuine leadership who can stand up to their mandates to confront the enemies of Oro. Instead, all we have are party stalwarts, parties executives and loyalists, appointees and elected political office holders, who sing and dance Mr Udom Emmanuel as their “small god”, even when the gentleman is glaringly daring, mocking, deriding and scorning them.

It doesn’t matter what elections people seek. Whether they seek political positions, or they seek community service, people have to be judged from their antecedents. Some were, or are currently holding elective political offices. Some had, or are currently holding elective community-service-based positions. Next time they come seeking votes, we must ask them very direct questions on their actions and inactions.

Just yesterday, while Governor Udom Emmanuel came to Oro Nation through the “backdoor” for a petty business, the same faces were seen dancing all around and singing new songs in the name of the governor. They refused to caution him for messing up the Nsit Atai-Okobo road in all the seven years of his administration, and choosing to use Eket LGA to get to Oro. Are these the leaders we need? Their faces have shown and their shoes are still shining, after they all embraced the new style of diverting the completely impassible road to Eket.

It is one message I am passing here. When next Oro will go to the polls, we must look at their faces and give them a treatment due their treacherous whips!


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