Akpabio in a Diminished Re-incarnation -Mmek-Abasi Akpabio

Akpabio and Udom

I have never been a fan of someone finishing as a Governor of a State and proceeding straight to the Senate except there’s a prior political bargain and understanding that you are going there to be a senate president or, at least, a Deputy. To me, going to the National Assembly is the shortest route to diminished relevance and political appeal. When a person has been in an office that commands state-wide political reach but suddenly begins to champion the causes of a zone to the exclusion of others, then we all should be worried because the status that we all gave to him with our votes was not just for the tenure of office alone. We gave him with the hope that he would live that “global” status at all times and be ready to put it to work for us in times of need for pan-state leaders to take the stage. And this disastrous outing of his rapidly evolving protege is part of such unnerving moments.

This is the down side of the recent public outburst of former Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio against his rapidly retreating lapdog, Governor Udom Emmanuel to the effect that Udom has frozen out his Senatorial district in his distribution of projects. Simply because Akpabio is in the Senate representing Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district should not be enough to make him forget his position as a former Governor of Akwa Ibom State whose intervention on any issue should be on a pan- Akwa Ibom platform and sufficiently nuanced to relate to all sections of the State. How on earth will “Uko Akwa Ibom” (not Uko Ikot Ekpene) start agitating for Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District alone as if Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District is the only victim of the affliction that he selfishly foisted on the State in 2015? Are we in the last days of epiphany when Akpabio is beginning to unravel to reveal the real tribal mind he had when he was governor?

The way he’s begining, sooner than later, he may shrink further to start agitating for Annang alone, and that will be sad for a former Governor who used to sneeze and the entire state would catch cold.

As he was speaking, did he remember Oron which he neglected roundly throughout his reign as if the people committed any mortal sin against him? Did he remember Nsit Ibom, etc. No, a former Governor should not talk like that, he should at all times aspire to be a state-wide “property of inestimable value” like Gen.Ibrahim Babangida rtd once described the late Sir UdoUdoma as “our national property of inestimable value”.

For Akpabio to abdicate from this noble path to pan Akwa Ibom pantheon and, instead race back to his zonal igloo from where he bellows marginalization, methink he owes us a very heartfelt and remorseful apology. This is not the stuff of an authentic statesman. His stay in the Senate for his senatorial district should be to the extent that he reprents them maximally whenever he finds himself in the red chamber but promptly drop that zonal toga once he’s in Akwa Ibom in order to live his nascent destiny as an Akwa Ibom statesman. To do otherwise like he’s currently doing will amount to self immolation politically speaking which may arise from people in other senatorial zones wondering if this was the same man that was claiming for eight unbroken years that he was a servant of the entire state. This is truly a diminished reincarnation. Senator Akpabio, please you better wake up, like soldiers often say.


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