So great a grief, that could not be nothing else but the loss of a mother. A mother is one who takes all the burden of child bearing and nurturing. Sadness it was and a saddening sadness that saddens a saddest encounter.

This monody by Nsibiet John drives its aura into my soul. It is a piercing arrow that gushes tears from the deep.
A sad tragedy itself causes an endless pool of tears from the bustling rivulet of my human soul.

So grievous none could stand this lamentation.
But then, the boldness of a leader caught his emotion.

The NUJ Chairman deserves commendation for acting right and being brave;
At least, more brave than the friends of Job who poured dust on their heads for his grief.

No one escapes the route of death, for a cosmic circle staggers incomplete and transition grumbles at the junction of eternity, when shortcut seems a flight is cutting corners.

But when that circle comes like a thief in the night, stealing precious souls so early still, the living throws a call to divine and threatens jumping into the ring, for the disruption of eternity by mortality.

Divinity itself remains ever quiet,
Though the whole world questions its strength over death,
Which comes and steals with absolute impunity,
It dangles in silence like it gambles.

Who are we to question He that sits above
Who says nothing meets Him in ignorance
But that none can take Him unawares?

We have a prayer still but who would take it:
They that mourn on dust, drowning in the dust,
Or threaten clipping their womb in the dust?
It takes His grace to win these souls!

Stay safe, thou remnant souls of the dead
For dust we were, dust we are and shall be
When time is spent and wrinkle skin appear
Our pilot face to face we hope to see….

Joseph Atainyang’s words of condolence to the Publisher of the Ink Portal, Nsibiet John who recently lost his mother, written November 29, 2019


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