Arrest, detain, arraign that is always their first pot of call, but nobody arrest them for all their anomalies, nobody arrest them for being excessively rich beyond their resources, nobody arrest them for lack of accountability for constituency funds that are meant for constituency projects, empowerment and development.

Nobody arrest them for living a life full of flamboyance above their means. I think its time people demand accountability from our representatives and not all this unnecessary pampering with undue sycophantic rain down of praises, going around yelling ‘my leader, my leader’. This thing is beyond that. This spell should be taken off People’s eyes to really understand how enslaved we have been by our so called representatives.

They live in affluence, send their children to the best schools abroad, sometimes the best private schools around, yet our public schools have deteriorated into an eye sore, are nothing to make mention of. They deny us quality education so that their children will still roll back to lead us. They live in choice mansions and in choice locations, wear choice clothes and shoes, forgetting the mandates and the poor people who stood under the sun, voted them and sent them there to represent us. Ignoring in completeness the numerous plights of the people. Becoming oblivious that they are people without a single square meal, without shelter and without hope.

When a journalist writes to remind them of their social contract with the people, it becomes an insult, it becomes a libel, it becomes an attack on the representative.

But, when they are siphoning our money, misappropriating our collective funds, living life lavishingly, they are being smart, they become the only ones whom God has blessed, the only ones with the magic wand to make money and prosper.

We are yet to understand the level of impoverishment amongst our people and the volume of money these our so call representatives hide away in Banks and saves. The day we come to terms with this reality, that day we will be free from this entanglement and slavery.

Most annoyingly, is the fact that they seems to be happy with themselves whenever they wake up in the morning to see people clustering their gates, coming to beg for survival, scrambling for a livelihood, they are happy seeing our youths not being able to speak good English, have not gone to school, are not gainfully engaged and employed, they are happy seeing people looking beggerly and sickly always at their mercy for survival. That’s what makes them happy, in their constituency briefings you see them give people hammer and scissors.

Have we ever stopped by to ask ourselves, are their children using hammer and scissors in those exorbitant private schools were they are sent to with tax payers money.

It’s time we know that we are now being colonised by our very own people and we should demand to be free and liberated.

It’s time, our youths should jump up and wake up. That you are given peanut is not enough to fight your fellow youth, that you are blindfolded, being razzmatazz with a second handed Primera is not enough to mortgage your destiny.

Its about time we youths see beyond now into the future and unchain ourselves, dissociate ourselves from mental slavery, pick up our collective destinies in our hands.


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