When a Carpenter Pretends to be a Journalist, Misinformation is the result -Obong Iniobong John

Obong Nsima Ekere

A prominent youth leader in Akwa Ibom State, Obong Iniobong John has reacted to a news story published by an Uyo based tabloid, “The Ibom Informer”, insinuating that the President, President Mohammadu Buhari, has asked the Managing Director of the NDDC, Obong Nsima Ekere not to run for the office of governor of Akwa Ibom State at the 2019 governorship election.

Obong John, said such reports could only emanate from a carpenter pretending to be a journalist, one who would abuse all known ethics of the journalism profession. He stated that such brand of journalism was injurious to society.

John, who is the State Chairman of the APC Youth Caucus, urged members of the public to discountenance such devious reports, which owes its existence from the sponsorship by a desperate government that was on its way out of the Hiltop Mansion in Uyo.

The release reads:


Our attention has been brought to a mischievous publication by a local tabloid called Ibom Informer to the effect that President Buhari has asked Obong Nsima Ekere not to run for office of governor of our dear state in the 2019 governorship election.

When carpenters without any journalism profile or training do stories what usually comes out puking is the putrid smell of devilish tar, deliberate lies and stomach actions aimed principally at making their masters happy and hoodwinking the public.

Such stories fail simplistic news test and is easily seen for what it is. WHERE did Buhari tell Nsima not to run? WHEN? WHAT was the occasion?

We are aware that at times like this people who have nothing to say or flaws to amplify on ONE would naturally result to antics such as this.

We urge members of the APC in Akwa Ibom to disregard news stories like this. We must indeed implore the unsuspecting public that more of such unfounded stories should be expected in the days ahead as ONE coasts home to victory with the Akwa Ibom people. Fearful, trembling and desperate people tired of doing all evil against him would go to any length to DREAM stories that would make even James Hadley Chase blush.
Thrash journalism remains what it is and should be dumped where it belongs. In the gutter.

Indeed publications such as this go to cement the view that ONE remains the most credible opponent that has caused Udom and his paid hirelings sleepless nights. The people of Akwa Ibom from all 3senatorial districts have held rallies beckoning on ONE to run for office. ONE has heeded the call of Akwa Ibom people to come salvage them. It is simply the fear of facing ONE that is driving this journalistic misadventure fueled from our common patrimony straight from The Hilltop coffers.

We repeat, Obong Nsima Ekere has accepted to run for the office of governor of Akwa Ibom State in the 2019 governorship election and our president and the party leaders at the state and national level are comfortable with this.

Obong Iniobong John,
State Chairman,


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