Constant ASUU Strikes: Anglican Bishop Advocates Ban on Public Officers Sending their Wards to Study Abroad

Rt. Rev. Prince Antai

The Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Uyo Anglican Communion, Rt Rev. Prince Asukwo Edet Antai, has called on the Nigerian government to enact a law placing a ban on public office holders from sending their children and wards to study in tertiary institutions abroad as a means of attracting and sustaining interest in the education sector of the nation by leaders and political elites.


The call was contained in the Bishop’s Episcopal charge at the Third Session of the Seventh Synod of the Diocese with the theme, “The Image of God.”


The cleric lamented the incessant strike actions in the nation’s tertiary institutions and insisted on a change of hearts by Nigerias leaders to the issue of educational development in the country.


“The incessant shut down of our tertiary institutions due to non-payment of emoluments, among numerous other demands, is a call on the government to enact a law/policy that will prohibit public office holders from sending their children/wards to study abroad. That will help them to work towards upgrading and stabilizing the education system,” Bishop Antai charged.


The Uyo Anglican Bishop lent his voice to the calls for the restructuring of the country. He said that the Biafran agitation should be seen as a call to action on the government and people of Nigeria to take another critical look at the type of federation that the country is currently practicing.


The Bishop congratulated the Indigenous People of Biafra agitators “For making bold to wake up the national conscience to the unfortunate federal style of government the military juntas foisted upon Nigeria. Accordingly, we call on every well meaning citizen of this country not to relent on the demand for the restructuring of the polity with the aim of devolving power to the constituent geo-political zones or states. However, we do not advocate for the independent Biafra republic out of Nigeria.”


Bishop Antai condemned the quit notice issued to the Igbos living in the North, describing those that issued the threat as those who are “benefiting from the injustice, corruption, ethnic supremacy, and economic despoliation that has been the fallout of a faulty federal system”. He described any attack on the Igbos as an attack on all Nigerians and urged for the arrest and prosecution of the Arewa Youth leaders who issued the threat.


The Bishop in his charge also thanked God for the life of the president and called on all Nigerians to keep praying for the total recovery of the president. The cleric condemned the calls for the disclosure of the Presidents ailment, describing such calls as “unethical and uncalled for,” insisting that No level of politics and public office holding should deny anybody the right to personal privacy. He commended the President Buhari government for its sustained fight against corruption and charged Nigerians to join in the ridding the country of corruption.


On the state of the state, Bishop Antai expressed joy at the significant improvement in power supply within Uyo metropolis, and urged the governor to intensify effort at getting the same result in other parts of the state.


He congratulated the governor in the successful elimination of flooding along the traffic light end of Nsikak Eduok Avenue. He said that the provision of infrastructure to some parts of the state is a welcome development and tasked the governor to look out for other parts of the state that have not benefited from government.


“We wish to call on government to provide infrastructure in areas that have not had one for decades. It is painful to know that some local government areas have no roads, while other have more than their fair share,” the Bishop noted.


He called on the state government to “abort the proposed plan to build a second lodge in Lagos. The money earmarked for the project should be used to upgrade Akwa Ibom Le Meridien Hotel and Resort and the airport that would boost tourism, encourage local entrepreneurship and create employment for the teeming jobless youths.”



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