If you have given up this election, let us know… -PDP Chieftain Tells Udom

Warns on the Plan to Make Udoma Ekarika Deputy Governor

Gov. Emmanuel

A persistent Udom supporter, noted for writing series of open letters to the governor, has again written to the governor on sundry issues pertaining to the 2019 governorship election in the state. Abasiodu S. Edet of Ikot Akpa Nkuk in Ukanafun Local Government Area, this time wants the governor to come out clean and tell his supporters if he is still interested in the governorship election, going by several mis-steps on the journey to the election.

Mr. Edet, who in his latest letter made available to National Newstrack, congratulated the governor for letting go of Senator Godswill Akpabio, said that even though the move was belated, it was worth its while.

“My Excellency, I must thank you for parting ways with Senator Godswill Akpabio. This is something I have been asking you to do since December last year when Akpabio started that his all is not well wahala. I predicted then that Akpabio will not support your 2nd term and it has come to pass.

“My only problem is that you waited till it was too late to start to build your own structure. With 7 months to the election, I wonder how strong your new structure would be. If you had listened to me some months ago by now your structure would have been solid on ground and you would have chased Akpabio into the bush. But it’s better late than never,” he said.

Edet warned Governor Udom Emmanuel of the consequences of making Udoma Bob Ekarika his running mate in the election, saying the governor will not be able to cope with the temperamental nature of Dr Ekarika.

“My Excellency, why I’m writing now is because of your plan to make Dr Udoma Ekarika your deputy in 2019 elections. I heard that you even consulted Akpabio on this issue before Akpabio decamped and he later told people that you want to make his number one enemy in the world your deputy. My Excellency, Akpabio’s opposition to Udoma Ekarika is not my problem. My problem is that you don’t know this man. He is very temperamental. He will fight you everyday as Deputy Governor. He is also very inconsistent. He is negotiating Deputy Governor with you and Deputy Governor in APC. Can you trust such a man?

“Can Udoma Ekarika win his unit? Have they told you how he was beaten up by his village boys in Ekparakwa Ikot Ntuen in 2015 elections when he went to support his brother who was the APC House of Assembly candidate? Even if you give Udoma deputy, Obong Attah, his father-in-law will still not support you,” he cautioned.

He further cautioned the governor against any thought of giving the PDP ticket for the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District to Engr Chris Ekpenyong, a former deputy governor of Akwa Ibom State. He said,
“My Excellency, I also hear that you want to give Senate ticket to Chris Ekpenyong promoted by Enoidem. Can this man win his unit again? Saviour Enyiekere that some youths are pushing is a better option. Enoidem is really the best man that can face Akpabio. I don’t know why he is running away from contesting. What is he afraid of? Is he still fearing Akpabio.”

“My Excellency, sometimes I wonder whether you really want 2nd term. There is a rumour that you have given up secretly, that you are only pretending to your supporters to be serious. My Excellency, if you are not serious about this election, please let us know so that we don’t continue wasting our time”, he pleaded.

While urging Gov. Emmanuel to brace up for real battle, Mr Edet wrote; “My Excellency, if you are still contesting, please sit up. Nkanga told you at the stakeholders meeting to prepare for war. Do like Governor Wike. Stop all this talk of Aso Rock supporting you. They are not. It is self-deceit. I learned that you told the stakeholders that it is propaganda by APC in Akwa Ibom that APC national really wants Akwa Ibom. My Excellency, after seeing the calibre of APC national leaders at that Akpabio defection rally, do you still believe that APC national doesn’t want Akwa Ibom at all costs. Have you noticed that Senator Udoma that was not interested in politics before is now active in APC. The plan of APC national is to take Akwa Ibom and Rivers and bury PDP.

“My Excellency, this people mean business. Look at how IG, your man removed your CP within 24 hours after Akpabio reported CP. He didn’t care about all what you have done for him. All the security chiefs are afraid after Daura, your man was sacked and detained. The way Akpabio is going he will not waste time to report to Aso Rock if any of them try to help you in any way concerning the elections.

Even VP, your friend can’t help you. He is playing party now not friendship. I saw your picture with him at Redeemed convention last weekend. My Excellency, stop relying on him. Are you aware that Akpabio’s defection was negotiated by VP, Tinubu, Oshiomhole, Nsima Ekere and Ita Enang. Without being told, I’m sure they discussed governorship. Leave VP. Copy Wike’s style and be on your own. That is the only way out.”

The PDP chieftain regretted the decision of the governor to let AIG retired Ekpoudom leave the PDP. He said, “My Excellency, you have made a very big mistake in allowing DIG Ekpoudom to go to APC. This is a man that was supporting you sincerely but you didn’t treat him well. He has been campaigning for your 2nd term since 2016. Ask Ephraim Inyang, Akan Okon and Senator Anietie Okon. But you treated him badly and allowed him go to APC. He said he came to your office and waited for 6 hours and you walked out and ignored him.

“My Excellency, have you realised that we have lost Etim Ekpo. To guide you, just know that election in Etim Ekpo in the past 10 years has been carry go, done in one place. Materials are always taken to late Hon Iniobong Ekanem’s house in Etuk Uruk Eshiet or to DIG’s house in Uruk Ata Ikot Ebo. Enoidem can’t take it to his house in Utu Ikot Eboro because it is not hidden, it is on the road close to my place, Ukanafun. Last local government election in Etim Ekpo was done in Ekpoudom’s house. Have they told you that it is Ekpoudom that stopped the AC from Police Headquarters in Abuja that Inibehe Okori brought in the police chopper from stopping PDP plan for election at AKISIEC office, Utu Etim Ekpo.

“My Excellency, what you should have done would have been to reconcile Ekpoudom with Enoidem instead of siding 1side. Enoidem is very loyal to you but I can bet you Enoidem won’t be able to enter Etim Ekpo on election day. It is Ekpoudom’s security that has been saving Enoidem in past elections. Because of the security situation in Etim Ekpo, election in Etim Ekpo will be security election. You should understand what I mean. Without security, Enoidem won’t be able to face Surveyor Mfoniso Essien of APC in his ward talkless of Ekpoudom, Chris Okorie, Emman Ekon and others in Etim Ekpo. See what you have reduced Enoidem to. It’s not Enoidem’s fault. We would have been sure of Etim Ekpo if you had settled Enoidem and Ekpoudom.”

He urged the governor to “Do away with all those elders like Effiong Bob, Anietie Okon, Ibok Essien, Nduese Essien and Assam Assam trying to push you into fire. They can’t win their wards. Some can’t win their units. They are pushing you to do all sorts of funny things that makes you look helpless.”

He concluded his 5th letter to Gov. Emmanuel, “If you have given up this election, let us know so that I can go back to my house and do siddon look. I don’t want shame. The whole state is already laughing at you.”


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