My Husband is so Bad Sexually that He sleeps Off While on Top of Me, Wife Tells Court


There was a mild drama at an Uyo High Court this morning, when a 27-year-old housewife, Iniobong Edem told the Court to dissolve her marriage to 41-year-old Edem Bassey, because of his inability to satisfy her sexually on bed.

Immediately after the appeal, the Courtroom was thrown into laughter.

The audience became uncontrollably when Iniobong described her husband as a “one minute man” a statement that did not argur well with the men who were present in the Court.

She said her husband has never satisfied her sexually, and was unable to impregnate her.

“My Lord, my husband always complain of being tired every night I demand sex from him. He cannot last more than two minutes without taking drugs. Sometimes, he will sleep off on top of me.” The petitioner said.

The said to hell with the marriage urging the Court to separate them as she was no longer interested in the union.

The case has been adjourned to Wednesday next week to enable the husband respond to the allegation.


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