I am committed to Nigeria’s Unity, says Arewa Youth Leader, Usman

Dispels claims of divisive politics


The national president, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Alh. Yerima Shettima Usman on Sunday stated that he is committed to the unity and integrity of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Yerima Usman in a short online video debunked the claim making the rounds that he was going to declare northern independent, in the event that either the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP or All Progressives Congress, APC gives its presidential ticket to an Igbo person in the forth coming 2023 general elections.

In a story published in eigtheenelevenmedia.com, Usman was quoted thus, “We have resolved today, after our meeting, that since South-East people want the Republic of Biafra and are attacking Northerners in their region in the name of Biafra, they will never have access to Aso Rock!.

“We, the Northern youths, are warning today that if the two major political parties give an Igbo man the ticket, we will declare Northern independence from Nigeria.

“This issue of Biafra by Igbos has cost this country a lot. Why should anyone think the same people will rule this country even after the tension they’ve created already”, the story stated.

But in response, Yerima Usman denied making such statements, saying it was untrue and a calculated attempt to tannish his image.

“This is not true. I know nothing about this statement. I’ve always believed in this unity of this country. As democrats, we know the whole process is about votes. Even though the minority will only have their say while the majority will always have their way.

“I’m also aware that we’re in an electioneering season where the politicians are becoming desperate by the day. They want to get power by all means. They want to create unnecessary panic and perpetuate their evil intentions and I’m not party to that madness.

“In as much as I have an interest and I know whom to support from another part of this country, power comes from God. If eventually it favours the south east, I will stand by the laws of the land and remain committed to the unity of Nigeria.

“I’ve never believed in violence. A lot of my friends are from Southeast and we have a cordial relationship. I can’t imagine looking at their faces to make such statements to abuse their sensibilities. So that statement didn’t come from. It is an attempt to tannish my hard earned reputation”, he said.


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