Massive Fraud Engulfs Akwa Ibom Lands Ministry By Uduakabasi Ikpat

*As A'Ibom Public Officers Acquire Landed Property Through Syndicates


Syndicates are running mad in the Ministry of Lands & Town Planning, Akwa Ibom State, over a vast landed property recently acquired and sealed off for private use.

Document showing survey plan of the land

The landed asset at 67 Oron Road, Uyo, lying 6,162.983sqm, adjacent the Area Headquarters of the Apostolic Church, 69 Oron Road, Uyo has remained cordoned since 2019.

Image showing the said parcel of land along the adjourning section of Oron Road leading to Udo Umana Street and being cordoned for possible use

Until second quarter of 2019, the land which empties into Nyong Essien area, was being occupied by a giant story building and two bungalows.

Today, passersby could see that all structures had long been demolished and leveled.

Image showing an of the said land, showing debris of demolished buildings

It was being rumoured that the parcel had been acquired by the then Akwa Ibom Works Commissioner, Mr. Ephraim Inyang-Eyen who is now Chief of Staff to Governor Udom Emmanuel.

Reacting to this reporter who sought clarification on the matter, Mr Ephraim Inyang-Eyen denied ever acquiring such property, saying he knew nothing about it.

Chief of Staff to Gov. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, Mr Ephraim Inyang-Eyen

Inyang-Eyen regretted that such allegations are the “attitude of disgruntled elements in the system, who use public fund to acquire properties but choose to accuse innocent people, while hiding their identities.”

Independent findings however extricate Mr Ephraim Inyang-Eyen from every possible linkage to the parcel.

Document 1., showing the buyer of the land

This reporter gathered that syndicates from the Ministry of Lands are habitual in fraudulently acquiring public properties all over the state.

Documents obtained from the Ministry shows that the land was bought in 2019 by one Dr. Usen Ita Uwa with the sum of one hundred and sixty million naira (N160,000,000) only.

Documents showing the seller and buyer of the land

Further investigations show that the name Usen Ita Uwa was not real as officials of the ministry were reportedly involved in scandalous deals.

Meanwhile, the landed property was first acquired from the aborigines in May 1975 with the sum of seven hundred naira (N700) only.

Sadly, this is how officials of government have been using their privileged access to public funds to acquire properties all over the place, while the vast majority of the populace wallow in abject poverty.

I challenge the Ministry of Lands & Town Planning led by the Commissioner, Architect (Pastor) Ime Ekpo to publicly announce the owner of the property.

Gov. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel

In case this is not possible, I call on Governor Udom Emmanuel to immediately order investigations into the convoluted secrecy.


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