Military Pensioners Set to Protest Unpaid Allowances


Military pensioners in Nigeria have given an indication to proceed on a sustained peaceful protest to protest the non payment of sundry outstanding allowances owed them by the federal government. The veterans in a release by the spokesman of the coalition of veteran groups in Nigeria, titled “We have reached the end of the road”, Comrade Sedisyne Abiodun Durowaiye-Herberts, expressed the disappointment of the veterans community in the inability of the Minister of Defense to attend to the request of the leaders of the various veterans groups to meet and discuss the various issues concerning retired armed forces pensioners.

In the release, Comrade Durowaiye-Herberts lamented that “Two letters to the HMOD in a space of 6 weeks, yet no response”, adding that “We wish to ask, whose interest the HMOD serving if he cannot dialogue with representatives of Veterans groups who are part of his primary constituency as the Minister of Defense?”

He further revealed that “Our membership cuts across the ranks which include his juniors, Coursemates and indeed his Seniors. We, as representatives of these highly respected Senior citizens are saying, this is unacceptable to us and we are going ahead to mobilize our members at both State levels and FCT for a sustained peaceful protest to press home our legitimate demand from government in the first week of August, 2020”.

The CCV spokesman blamed the Minister of Defence for the impasse; “It is unfortunate that the HMOD, who incidentally is also one of us, is obviously working at a cross road and against the good intention of Mr. President”, he said, insisting that it was unfortunate that “a simple administrative norms of responding to letters have been disregarded by the office of the HMOD, giving the impression that we mean little or nothing to him.”

The release further stated; “As responsible leaders, we have shown appreciable level of regard for the office of the HMOD, just so we don’t wash our dirty linen in public and we expect same in return.

“If the authority have refused to dialogue with us in their offices, we shall meet on the street of Abuja and other State capitals and in the full glare of the International community.

“COVID or not, we are not afraid of death. We have been there before in the face of obvious threat to our lives. We are ready to once again lay down our lives for others to live.”

Some of the owed allowances include, three months of outstanding areas, minimum wage increase and the resultant areas and Debarment Allowance, an allowance paid to retired personnel to ensure that they do not use the skills and trainings acquired during active service against the state.


  1. The federal government should look into all the demands of the Nigeria Army retirees entitlements. They have suffered enough for the course. And government should not abandon them like that, and protest is not the right thing bcoz it creates incompetency on the side of the FG.

  2. It appears the only message the government understand is confrontation. However, it is not PMB that is bad but the boot lickers he put to represent him. They are all working to the downfall of the man. The present HMOD is really working towards the downfall of President Buhari. He refused to authorise the payment of the balance of 3 months from the harmonization areas. He paid some section of retiree the debarment allowance and neglected some. He refused to authorise the implementation of the minimum wage to the veterans which Mr President had approved since last year. He is trading with our money. He needs to be investigated. We are ready to move out with full force come August

  3. In all fairness to this government, they are doing their best for retirees. Pensions are paid promptly as and when due. Gone are the days military retirees were owed backlog of monthly pension. The outstanding 3 months was actually 14months initially but this government has paid 11 months. Why not be patient and wait for the balance of 3 months. Protesting isn’t the solution. The senior citizens will only be putting their lives at risk.

  4. Protest by military pensioners is long overdue. Military pensioners are suffering and dying evetyday as a result of neglect by Nigerian government. Even the predident as a military retiree could not help. This is wonderful. Let every military retiree should come out to State capitals for protest. It should be next week before July 24. 2020.

  5. It is sad indeed to see veterans in Nigeria in pains due to non payment of their legitimate entitlements .Many are dying some riding in pains on their beds due to the injuries sustained when on active services .In Osun State ,we have a good number of them who are incapacitated and unable to pay for their medical bills only awaiting in pains to say goodbye to this very wicked World’s .Very sad indeed .The Honourable Minister of Defence is not helping Mr President looking at his body language on this issues of veterans legitimate entitlements .The earlier the Government intervene the better for the Nation .Veterans are ready to die for their rights. They have tasted death and no longer afraid of death .As said enough is enough .Let their labours not to be in vain .


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