Pilot in the Boat @ 70



Firmed from birth to tame partial bane
Like sharp shooters of ancient times
Who stood erect and clamped the touts
Breaking the massive bones of foes.

From heaven came this saviour-man
For angels came with thee before
And told thy mother of your trip
To human space where mortals duel.

Perhaps thy mission, they bemused!
Like Mary shuddered at the sound
Which came from Gabriel in the air
To shape her spirit for the task.

With time the woman stood in awe
And gave her soul for Nature’s love
To bear the leader of a race
Whose armoured-arm the people sought.

Like Joch’bed took Moses around
And brought him forth in due season
Her womb was heavy with thy frame
And you were berthed for a race.

Like Christ, thy being was preserved
From vultures hove’ing for a prey
To steal and kill and to destroy
The Hamlet’s soul to grieve us all.

Thy yolk is made of valiant prime
Of ancient warriors far behind
Who held the battle to randsome
And sang the victory on return.

They took you through the formal tute
And gave you all the training due
Equipped you skied up high above
And gained respect from friends and foes.

From then your fame was told abroad
In towns and cities home within
And hope renewed we held your hands
And came behind your forward match.

It came to pass that trouble sneaked
Into our home with sponsored lies
The gong-man struck with empty head
All they could do was stoke the f’re.

Our fuss grew wild in endless rage
We groaned in anguish, painful wrath
We boxed the fog, a steaming fume
We raised the torrent for a fight
And stired the hornets to a bite
Behold, your veins outweighed the cage.

The hang-man had his day to win
To boast his tale in mangled truth
Suppressed sound reason for a fault
He called a nation for a lynch
He pitched the road against the Sea
He sparked contention against Peace.

Thou art firm and e’er will be firm
Thy bones ‘re Sampson’s tough ligament
Thy fibres blended in his tuck
Your voice exceeds the Blue Whale’s call
Thy spirit fires dullards boisterous
You are My Pilot in the boat!

Active mind, blended in thoughts
At 70 your spirit comes so fresh
Your addiction to truth still in low supply
Your stance for justice daring gods
Patriots maybe scarce but not with thee
You are My Pilot in the boat

Nkpubre, Former MD/CEO of Niger Dock
Former Dir. Nig. Railway Corp’
Mang. Consult., Green Seas Int. Nig. Ltd.
Chairman, Oro TechCom on IDSP
A young mind is hiding in thy chest!
Remain My Pilot in the boat @ 70.

Author: *Joseph Atainyang*
Genre: Poetry
Type: Ode


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