*Re:.Governor ‘Integrity’ Emmanuel* By Clement Ikpatt

Gov. Emmanuel

On 5th March 2018, one of SUNNewspaper columnists, Ebere Wagbara, eulogized Gov. Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State for receiving the Integrity and National Service” Award by the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).See http://sunnewsonline.com/governor-integrity-emmanuel/

Below is *Clement Ikpatt’s* reaction to Mr. Wagbara’s article and my opinion about that NTA award for Gov. Udom Emmanuel. Thanks for reading!

*Mt. Clueless, Not Mr. integrity*

My. Udom Emmanuel’s public service career is only a miserly three years old. That is for how long he has been the governor of Akwa Ibom State. So, his integrity in national service (read public service) is directly proportional to his integrity in leadership of Akwa Ibom State.

So many Akwa Ibomites love Udom Emmanuel as a son of the soil who did very well in his career as a banker. They wish he succeeds in whatever he does, but have since discovered that Udom Emmanuel the politician and governor is different from the high profile Zenith Bank chief executive he was.

Because of his leadership style resulting in avoidable blunders and general failure to bring about tangible growth and development,  he is widely known by majority of Akwa Ibomites as “Mr. Clueless, not Mr. Integrity”.

Only Udom’s apostles and subordinates, not all Akwa Ibomites, have an unwritten term of reference to be sycophantic. So, they have a sense of responsibility and consciousness to create, polish and present another Udom Emmanuel who is different from how majority of Akwa Ibomites see and rate their governor.

After three years as governor, I believe that Udom Emmanuel now knows his weaknesses; he knows about being overwhelmed with leadership failures. He knows that he has failed to match his struggling leadership profile with his super spiced and overated biography.

*Udom’s Struggling Leadership*

All leaders struggle at some points, but Udom Emmanuel struggles in all, especially in leadership for sustainable development In many democratic societies, that is an unforgivable political sin. The electorate in Akwa Ibom State cannot be an exception to the rule: most voters won’t forgive Udom Emmanuel”s cluelessness rooted in flagrant abuse of executive powers, dissapointing performances and disconnection from the people.

Simply put, Udom Emmanuel, who promised to continue and improve upon the certain “uncommon transformation” agenda, seems unable to find his feet and cannot fill the shoes of his predecessor. The Akwa Ibom people are thoroughly disappointed and embarrassed. Almost everyone is bitterly complaining.

If there is any measure of integrity in Udom Emmanuel’s public service career or leadership style, he will not be the embarrassing disaster that he has turned out to be, he won’t be the “never again” swearing stock or butt of jokes on the streets and in the villages across the State.

*Dissociative Leadership Identity*

Udom’s apostles and subordinates risk being out of commission in 2019 if they don’t restore that Udom Emmanuel the Akwa Ibom people loved and voted for.. They can’t even do a makeover. So,  they create another profile and personality for Udom Emmanuel. They even force him to adopt a second personality called “Mr. Integrity” subjectively powered by christianese virtues.

Udom Emmanuel’s apostles and subordinates have forced him into a Dissociative Identify Disorder (DID), and are using media mercenaries, like Mr. Ebere Wagbara, to sell Udom’s dual personality disorder. Desperation is what it has come down to, especially now that 2019 elections season has come, and there appears to be one stronger contestant coming down the pike. But, Akwa Ibomites do not care about desperation in Udom Emmanuel’s political machine. They want and voted for transformation, nothing else but a hard working and purpose driven leadership.

*That NTA Award*

Since forty years ago, the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) is known for some good and not so good things. Those include some good and bad judgment calls  Giving Udom Emmanuel an award for integrity in leadership is, in my opinion, is one example of NTA’s poor judgement call.

Well, NTA is free to give out an award to whomever it wants. I don’t know about its selection criteria and due diligence process leading to any award, but I know that this particular case of an Integrity award does not resonate with realities in Akwa Ibom State.

I believe that all the NTA award can do is to give that other Udom’s personality a false sense of worth while putting fodder into media mercenaries’ cannon. Mr. Wagbara seized the opportunity to misfire, blaspheming the Christ in his vanity driven exhortation of lies and sycophantic honour of Udom Emmanuel.

There is no leadership integrity in:

1. false claim of statewide industrialization where nothing of the sort is happening and there is no hope for the government to fulfill the promise.

2. false claims about owing no gratuities and pensions when many are being owed.

3. impunity laden decisions to renovate the State Lodge in Lagos and starting to build an unnecessary but costly International Worship Center against widespread protests

4. lazy and irresponsible governance that ignores many months of bloodshed in Etim Ekpo, Ukanafun and Ika local government areas.

5. inability to balance a single budget since becoming governor.

6. deliberately frustrating, stunting or abandoning many inherited projects.

7. not recording any significant growth and development in any sector.

8. brazen appearance of impropriety with regards to handling of Reigners Bible Church tragedy.

9. tracked cases of nepotism.

10. not being able to create jobs as promised.

11. turning Uyo into a very dirty, dark, poverty ridden and depressing town.

12. generally moving the entire State backward with respect to insecurity and socio-economic development..

*Media Mercenaries*

Wagbara’s persuasion, using reverse psychology, will not be complete without bringing in Senator Godswill Akpabio to ignite his fodder. He knows that Sen. Godswill Akpabio’s name can push any story to be read, even the most ridiculous mercenary work written on Ebere Wagbara’s newspaper column.

Ebere also knows how sensitive is the relationship between Sen. Godswill Akpabio and Gov. Udom Emmanuel. But, spitefully, Wagbara craftily manipulates the sensitive relationship by insulting Godswill Akpabio in order to praise Udom Emmanuel’s virtue. That is what media mercenaries do: to them, all despicable methods of media warfare are fair and usable.

Reverse psychology, according to Wikipedia, “is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired: the opposite of what is suggested.”

Mr. Wagbara’s desire was for Udom Emmanuel to dole out money to “the smoking hot mercenary” After all, media mercenaries don’t come cheap. So, Wagbara had to insult Senator Akpabio and craftily weave  insinuations into his article in order to persuade Udom to do his (Wagbara’s) desire.

Justifying his mercenary journalism that slants in favour of Udom Emmanuel, Wagbara relied on a dirty standard of impropriety that stands against objectivity and neutrality. Reality is that there are many top shelf journalists and bloggers who correctly understand integrity far different from Udom Emmanuel’s, NTA’s or Wabara’s understanding of the word. Also, there are journalists and bloggers at all levels who have integrity and practice with objectivity and neutrality.

*Collateral Insults*

To assert that the award given by NTA to an opposition party politician is unprecedented is both ludicrous and an insult against that forty years old national institution. Inadvertently, it emphatically accuses the NTA of not having integrity since its establishment until now that Udom Emmanuel is governor.

Wagbara’s reasoning is foolish. Again, he inadvertently, accuses the NTA,, a supposedly secular and professional organization, of now giving awards to recipients because they are known to be religious persons and successful bankers.

It is preposterous to claim that national institutions are beginning to appreciate Udom Emmanuel’s “invaluable contributions to the human development index and pacesetting infrastructural renewal in Akwa Ibom State” Which national institutions are Mr.  Wagbara talking about?

*Wagbara’s Professional Integrity*

Wagbara neglected to give details about any project for which national institutions are beginning to appreciate Udom Emmanuel.

The objective and neutral truth is that there are no such invaluable projects that human beings in all of Akwa Ibom State can point to .

Again, Wabara neglected to give details of projects that he inspected. He also couldn’t interview any other Akwa Ibomites other than Udom’s apostles and subordinates. By failing to interview a cross section of Akwa Ibom State residents, which would have either established or trashed his claims, I hold up my nose to question Wagbara’s own integrity since practicing as a journalist for over thirty years.

*Akwa Ibom Needs Effective Leadership, Not Innate Potentials*

No serious minded person prefers innate potentials over successfully expressed and impactful actions. A potential is dormant until deployed and used effectively. And, there is no basis for comparing one man’s unused capacities with another man’s already deployed and productive capacities: the later triumphs

Any leader who holds onto innate potentials after three years in office is nothing but a failure. And selfish too.  That, of course, is why Udom Emmanuel is considered a failure. So,  Wagbara’s exhortation of Udom’s innate potentials is a signpost of irresponsible journalism with a sycophantic bent. Again, that is what media mercenaries do: to them, irresponsible journalism with sycophantic bents is fair and usable in media warfare.

*Lying About Non Existent Development Projects*

By extolling nonexistent projects as holistic developments, which no living Akwa Ibomite can point to, Mr. Ebere Wagbara lied to Nigerians. That can only be because of Wagbara’s delusion and lack of personal integrity.

Udom Emmanuel’s government is now propaganda driven because there are only a few development projects that can be pointed to. Apart from road construction projects mostly contracted in his home local government area, and a handful of controversial projects carried out against public outcry, there is nothing more to show for Udom Emmanuel’s three years as governor of Akwa Ibom State.

His bogus claim about statewide industrialization hangs on:

1. assembling of imported pencil parts and toothpicks production. This facility was shut down for most of its operational life, but recently reopened in late December 2018 after outstanding salaries were paid to workers and rent was paid to the landlord. Products from this facility are rarely seen or bought anywhere in  the State.

2. rehabilitation of the long abandoned Peacock Paint factory. Production is epileptic and quality of paint is undesirable. Paint cannot be found in any storefront across the State or country.

3. completion the Akwa Prime hatchery. Operation is far less than capacity and facility is poorly managed.

*Lying About Statewide Industrialization And Job’s Creation*

There is no such a thing as statewide industrialization going on in Akwa Ibom. Nobody in the world can point to a single viable State owned industry or can truthfully say that there exists, yet, an enabling environment for the industrialization of Akwa Ibom State.

Gov. Udom Emmanuel is neither creating many jobs nor wealth in Akwa Ibom State. There are only a relatively few private sector driven temporary and seasonal low end jobs, mostly from few road construction projects. The Unemployment rate in Akwa Ibom State is estimated at over 70%. It is one of the worst case situations ever recorded in Nigeria.

It won’t be the first or last time that the Udom government deliberately misleads the public into having false hopes. An example is the Armoured Vehicles Assembly Plant whose groundbreaking ceremony was held in Itu Local Government Area.

*Udom’s New Low*

To recruit out-of-state media mercenaries in order to launch a propaganda war against the State is a new low by Gov.  Udom Emmanuel. It is simply engaged to cover up the most clueless, lazy and worst government ever in Akwa Ibom State, and to insult his predecessor who continues to support the governor while concentrating on his job both as a distinguished Senator and Minority Leader in the Senate.


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