Udom’s Permanent Secretary Nominee in Service Record Falsification Scandal

udoms permanent secretary nominee

Changed His Year of Entry From 1978 to 1983.

Allegedly Issued Fake Approval Certificates to Two Filling Stations.

A few months into his administration, the Akwa Ibom state governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, while swearing in two permanent Secretaries, warned that the age of appointing just anybody into that important cadre of the state civil service was over for good. The governor had then maintained that appointments into the cadre would henceforth be based purely on merit and for people with integrity and character. But the governor may soon be deceived into appointing a civil servant, who has been accused of falsifying his service record and other malfeasance into the prestigious permanent secretary cadre of the civil service.

One of the permanent secretaries waiting eagerly to be sworn in, Mr Etop S Uko of the ministry of land may just enter Governor Emmanuel’s sanitized civil service with soiled hands. Mr Uko, who was born October 29, 1959, got employed into the state civil service on November 10, 1978, according to a document made available to Weekly Insight. By the year of entry into the civil service, Mr Etop S Uko, ought to have retired since 2013 in line with civil service rules, which stipulate that a civil servant must retire on the attainment of 65 years or 35 years in service, whichever comes first.

By some mysterious and curious circumstances, the Oruk Anam-born civil servant whose service record read year of joining service as 1978 in 2009 as a Chief Technical officer on salary grade level 14, now has his record of entry as April 6, 1983, with a new retirement age manipulated to April 6, 2018, an additional 5 years to his service. In the March 2009 document, Mr Uko was said to have been appointed into his Technical Officer position in 2006.

The top civil servant has also been accused of handing two fake approval certificates to two filling station operators in the state. The stations were to petition him to the Uyo Capital City Development Authority, when the UCCDA went and marked the filling stations for not having approval. The issue, which is still being investigated by security agencies, led to his deployment from UCCDA, a place he served from 2002 to 2013.

But in his reaction to the accusation, Mr Uko vehemently denied any falsification of service record, saying as an Elder in church, he could never be a part of such manipulation.

“I am an ordained elder of Qua Iboe church. If people sponsor you to attack me, you are attacking a man of God. When you are talking about falsification of records, the appropriate thing is for you to go to the administration and see if I have falsified the records. The record is there and the Director of administration is there. How can you expect me to falsify the records, I am an elder in the church. Go to the administration and find out if I have done that. Don’t allow yourself to be used by people who are enemy of progress”,

Mr Uko said in response to this paper’s request for his comment on the issue.

The permanent secretary nominee also denied any involvement in the issuance of approval to the filling stations. He again blamed “enemies of progress” for his travail.

“… Go to UCCDA and ask. I don’t do that. I am an elder of Qua Iboe Church, how do you expect me to do that. Why is it that people are hearing that by the grace of God, I have been appointed a permanent secretary that is why enemy of progress are coming up to do this. Why didn’t they say this some months back when I was nobody?



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