Why Bishop Etim Ante Deserves Re-election, Chief Victor Matthew

Set Agenda for PG's Second Term


The Chief Executive Officer of Vincy Marine Limited, Chief Victor Matthew has given reasons why the incumbent President-General of Òròn Union, Bishop Etim Ante must be supported to return to office for a second term.

The renowned politician notes that Bishop Ante has performed beyond expectations, standing firm for Òrò, especially on matters of Ibaka Deep Seaport.

Victor Matthew recalled that Etim Ante, a man from a low background is man for the future, having started youth leadership from Oro Youth Movement and Essu Nlap Oro from where he interacted to gain commendable progress for the common good of Oro.

His words, “In my opinion Bishop Etim Ante has done well. I have always been his fan. A fisherman from a low background coming up to build his capacity in this manner is commendable. He is a man for the future. He has always proven himself when he was the President of Oro Youth Movement and when he was President of Essu Nlap Oro. He was able to achieve so much for Oro.

“It was through his effort that the Community Desk was created at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.
Admissions, employments and contracts in the Academy were always given to the socio-cultural organisations through the Essu Nlap Oro.

Chief Victor Matthew

“Again, during Dr God’swill Akpabio’s time as governor of Akwa Ibom State, jobs were given to Oro youths to the tune of about 250 million naira. All these came through the instrumentality of Bishop Etim Ante. He has the energy, the vision and the temerity to make things happen for the interest of the youths and the community.

“As currently the PG, everyone can see through the seaport saga that he is a great Oro patriot. He is even holding a position in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). But that has not stopped him or has not impinged on his service to the Oro People.

“Education is not the only criteria for good performance in office. He has performed this first term. He has proven that he can perform. Question is, do we need certificate or we need performance?

“I know that the PG was running a programme in the University of Uyo. I have seen him attending classes once or twice. In my opinion, it is the people that own the Òrò Union. If the people feel that he has performed and should be re-elected to keep up the good works, then it should be so.

“Someone may have PhD but cannot do what the PG is doing. This is not a banking sector. It is not a professional environment where people must be certified before being cleared for an office.

“This is a socio-cultural organisation please. It is meant for community leadership. So far, there is no contention that Bishop Etim Ante has done well for the past two years. Therefore, the reward for service, they say is more work.

“Mark Zuckerberg is a school dropout but Facebook which he developed is servicing the whole universe. Bill Gates is a school dropout, but his computer is being used globally.

“For this first term, Bishop Etim Ante has done creditably well and I score him 100 percent, especially for standing firm to defend the Òrò People on the seaport issue. He has resolved issues with the traditional rulers council. The Ahta Òrò Palace is being built. This is unassailable”, he observed.

As a focus for the second coming of Bishop Etim Ante, Chief Victor Matthew listed the core areas that the PG must concentrate on, so as to make his leadership the best in recent times.

“There are four areas the PG must come back to focus his attention on. The first thing is reigniting the overseas’ scholarship for brilliant Oro people in the areas of technology, engineering and medicine. Secondly, he must insist on Ibaka Deep Seaport.

“Thirdly, he must work hard to make sure the Maritime Academy becomes a university. And very importantly, he must be able to galvanise the intellectual and managerial components of the Oro elites into producing a political agenda for the Oro People.

“This way, we will not be lagging behind in the forthcoming 2023 general elections”, he concluded.


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