Woman Dies as Ministry of Transport Touts Clash with Driver in Uyo

The lifeless body of Anwangabasi at the scene of the accident

A woman identified as Anwanabasi Eshiet, a passenger in a cab was Friday, July 7, 2017, killed as the cab she boarded got involved in an auto clash. A Facebook post my a brother of the deceased, Mr Moses Eskor, indicates that the car crashed in a melee between a fleeing taxi driver and officials of the Akwa Ibom state ministry of Transport, know as the Motor Transport Monitoring Unit.

The ministry officials, notorious for their extortion of drivers in the Uyo metropolis, were said to have struggled for the control of the steering of the car with the cab driver and in the process, the car skidded dangerously crashed, leading to the instant death of Anwanabasi Eshiet.

Late Mrs Essiet

The ministry officials on noticing the magnitude of what they have done, were said to have immediately fled the scene. It took sympathetic eyewitness to take others injured in the accident to hospitals.

The deceased worked with the ministry of Local Government at Eket, she was said to have come to Uyo for a promotional interview leaving her two children at home in Eket.

Meanwhile a distraught brother of the deceased, Mr Moses Eskor, has called on the governor of Akwa Ibom state and security agencies to throughly investigate the incident and bring all those involved in the death o his sister to book. He said that if not well handled the same fate may still await other innocent road users.

The Akwa Ibom state ministry of transport, according to a driver in Uyo, Mr. Etim Ikpe, “has continued to maintain all sorts of monitoring teams, largely drawn from party thugs, cultists and tout, whose only responsibility is to incessantly harass and extort motorists in Uyo”.

The crashed car

When our reporter went to the Ikot Ekpene road office of the unit, located at the old AKTC premises, he was threatened an driven away from the office by rough-looking touts.

A visit to the ministry office along Ben Udo street Ewet Houses could not also yield any positive result as the commissioner, Mr Orma Esin was said not to be in the office. An official of the ministry, who pleaded not to be named, because he was not officially authorized to comment on the incident, said that the ministry has been inundated with reports of high handedness of the monitoring teams.

“It has become a daily routine to receive reports on these incidents, but this one that has led to the death of someone is quite disturbing. They just wear this uniform and do what hey were asked to do.look at he chaotic traffic situation around the plaza and by the university of Uyo fence along Ikot Ekpene road, they have no business trying to clear the place. Their only interest is to extort money and the ministry is concerned about this”, he said.


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