Zuckerberk’s Father’s Day post hits over 215 thousand reactions globally


As most countries of the world yesterday celebrated Father’s Day with fathers who are heads of families across the globe, a post made by the Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberk has reached an accelerated 215 thousand reactions within 24 hours.

The Californian based Harvard University graduate of Computer Science made the post yesterday, June 18 at 8:53 pm Californian time.

Zuckerberk’s Father’s Day post, “Dad, I hope to be as good of a father as you are. Happy Father’s Day”., hits over 204 thousand likes, 6,400 comments, 2,800 shares from his friends across the world at the time of fielding this news.

Mr Mark is currently being followed by ninety-one million, eight hundred and thirty-nine thousand, two hundred and eighty-three (91,839,283) people around the world.

Fathered by Edward Zuckerberk, Mark is married to Priscilla Chan with two children, Max and Beast.


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